Yellow Mood

About the project

Area – 82 square meters. m

Number of rooms – 2: 1 bedroom and living room combined with kitchen;

Number of bathrooms – 2.

Here is a project of a black and white apartment that we made for a young couple. We have

completely redesigned this facility in order to increase living space. To create the effect of intimacy, but to leave the space as open as possible, we separated the master bedroom from the rest of the apartment with a glass sliding door.

We followed a very clear color policy and so we got a fairly monochrome gray-black-and-white apartment with yellow accents: textiles, decor, furniture and all the ice lighting in one tone. Stone, concrete, glass and mirrors, glossy surfaces gave us the opportunity to add texture to the interior.

The most original components of this project: an integrated dining table in the island in the kitchen; elements of furniture in the Gothic style (mirror, chandelier and others); location of the biofireplace, which is visible on the lumen of the living room-bedroom; wall of living moss in the hallway.

Room plan