About the project

Area – 215 sq. m;

1st floor

Number of rooms – 1: living room combined with kitchen-dining room;

The number of bathrooms is 1.

2nd floor

Number of rooms – 3: 3 bedrooms;

The number of bathrooms is 1.

This open plan duplex apartment has become a kind of white canvas for our designers.

A distinctive feature of the customer was an accurate idea of ​​his future home. The understanding of the owners of the apartment about the desired interior items helped to form the future concept of the project. Since the projected space is a new building, it was not difficult to form the desired layout.

We have created a comfortable and highly functional interior with a welcoming kitchen-living area, dressing room and laundry room. Among other things, the space turned out to be very cozy, despite the fact that the interior is not overloaded with details.

Floor plan