Functional Space

About the project

Area – 67 sq. m

Number of rooms – 2: 1 bedroom and a living room combined with a kitchen;

Number of bathrooms – 1

Small but very functional apartment. There is a bedroom with a study, which we made from a loggia, which increased the living area, and a hall with a dining area and a kitchen.

In this facility, we went for a non-standard solution and swapped the kitchen and bedroom (we moved communications from the developer). Therefore, the study turned out not in the kitchen, but in the bedroom area. Which is much more logical and convenient.

We have provided a storage room in the apartment. Household appliances and a wardrobe were placed here for comfortable storage of preservation and other food supplies. One of the original and functional solutions in the pantry is a through drawer / basket for dirty linen, which moves in two directions relative to the wall. On the reverse side, it slides out in the owner’s bathroom and eliminates the uncomfortable carrying of linen throughout the apartment from room to pantry.

The owner of the apartment is a rather calm person by nature, so the color scheme in the house is very neutral. The style of the interior is modern minimalism. Colors: gray, white and brown in wood variations.

To emphasize the areas, we visually distinguished the kitchen from the common space with the help of a wooden ceiling and did the same with the bedroom and study.

In the bathroom, in the wall near the bathtub, we made a recess, laid it out with large pebbles, installed lighting and put mirrors on the back wall. This is a very interesting and modern design move.

Floor plan